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Nothing to Hide?


What do you think?  A relative of mine sent me the above little soft rap selection.  I watched it, and listened to the words (which I could understand) and also to the message (which I could also understand.)

My relative is somewhat of a Libertarian…I am not.  But whether we are of either extreme or the middle, we may very soon have something to hide, simply to save our necks!

How unreal was it historically when someone raided the house where Anne Frank and her family were hiding like trapped bunnies? It happened, and it happened in my lifetime.  People were truly heroic to try to hide so-called “enemies of the chosen race”, because not only would Nazi power find their hidden friends, but they would be thrown onto the same wagons and carted off to places they would not return from.

This really happened.  How did the land of happy hausfraus and joyful beergardens and Father Christmas and all that become a land fraught with fear and the smoke of incinerators disposing of millions of dead bodies?  It was political.  It was a mind game.  It was a gradual power play that poisoned people’s minds and then scared them into clustering into the safest group possible to save their lives. It required a blind eye.  It required a nation of blind eyes.

Most of the people saluting the Nazis were people with blind eyes simply to save their own souls from the concentration camps.  They had better salute religiously, especially if they were not endowed with blue eyes and fair skin.  Dark haired regular Germans were especially avid about those salutes, I reckon.

There are not a lot of people on a list in my house.  I don’t have a campaign going on anything really.  I have a house full of people with differing opinions,  but we don’t defend them with vitriol or guns.  In this house there are both pro and con about a lot of issues.

But we love the truth.  All of us do love the truth, and fear the power of blind-eyedness.

I have this creepy feeling that I am being set-up…like a “pigeon-drop scheme“, where a con-man (or woman) befriends me and tells me how things are going to improve.  In the process, this clever person gets to know me very well…my fears, my interests, my address book, and my vulnerabilities.  They find out what I value most. Then they tell me to trust them with some of it. Then you know how the pigeon-drop scheme works.  Like a perverse “Sting.”

What the Nazis found was that people valued the souls of people and the lives of family more than anything. More even than freedom. Enough so that a LOT of hiding was going on in Germany.  Blondes with blue eyes and pale skins hiding brunettes with dark eyes and olive skins.  Words kept inaudible.  Identification papers were forged, or destroyed.  Paper trails were a deadly thing. For a while people simply went away in carts and never came back.  Gradually the truth came out.  Unbelieveable truth.  And people hid their eyes and let it continue.  It was only for “others”, this decimation machine.  They hid within the cloud of safety saluting the power people, to save their souls.

Are we afraid of such a thing happening to us here, now?   We are not afraid.  We, after all, are AMERICANS!  Proud, lucky, cocky, spirited citizens of this Free Country where we stand on the Constitution of the United States of America.

Look at what we stand on.  We are standing on an ideal that is eroding out from under us.  We are in a house build on sandy soil.

And there are termites in the posts and beams.

And we don’t want to see them.  We have our outer-images down pat, and are buoyed up with the attitude and lingo of free people, with rights, and privileges, and good lives.  We have nothing to hide.

But we are happily blind to what is happening to our country right out loud, in plain sight, in broad daylight.

People curse the truth rather quickly when it tears a hole in the underground activity.  We are so blind we don’t know a traitor from a hero.  The blind people are all running around looking for something to believe– for which speaker to trust.  Chaos is what happens when principles are broken down.

WE have nothing to hide. But THEY have something to hide.  The truth is coming out.  Let it!

We had better believe it and get busy.  It’s getting too late quickly.

Old Swimmer


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The Fragility of the Good Life

Here is a quote from my AWAD (A Word A Day) feed this morning:

“The skylines lit up at dead of night, the air-conditioning systems cooling empty hotels in the desert and artificial light in the middle of the day all have something both demented and admirable about them. The mindless luxury of a rich civilization, and yet of a civilization perhaps as scared to see the lights go out as was the hunter in his primitive night.” -Jean Baudrillard, sociologist and philosopher (1929-2007) 

I am guilty of being somewhat of a Jeremiah (which was the word of the day today), in that I have been frightened about the fragility of the internet.  While I have been worrying about this for some time, my closest community has sort of rolled eyes and chalked it up to my being a worry-wart, as they say.

But now the headlines are talking about the very real threat of cyber warfare.  I was not really crying wolf, it seems.

This does not make me cheerful (as in “I was right…see?”)  but rather really really worried now.  The Information Age hangs on such a corruptible thread!  We have been joyfully reveling in the ability to communicate freely and often and somewhat “securely” with anyone in the world at any time we want for a decade or more now.  The old fashioned means of interaction have nearly become obsolete by virtue of inactivity.  When was the last time I wrote a handwritten note and sent it by USPS?  Well, even so, the USPS is using computerized systems to sort and route mail, and if those failed, even an express-mail letter would have a very difficult time getting from my place to, say, some place in the middle of New Mexico, or Taipei.

How easy is it to disrupt a whole hunk of country simply by weather damage to power stations and transmission towers?  In my part of the country we still have outages that can last for days and days, simply by virtue of a wind, or ice storm.

Batteries only last a little while.  The gas pump works by computer.  So does the checkout station at the gas station and at the supermarket.  Our phones are dependent on systems that are computerized, and radio and TV stations are too.

So do we remember how to wash clothes without washing machines?  Do we even have clothes pins to hang up the clothes after we are finished using the washboard?  Can we cook over a fire anymore?  Do we have fuel for such things?  When we run out, are there alternative fuels we might use?  On our property?

Would we be able to function without banks dispensing money to us on demand?

I am seeing a frozen world, in my imagination, here in Seattle WA, with nothing moving but anxious and panicky people…moving desperately around in a wilderness with no amenities.  I am visualizing a world that puts everyone on the same democratic level as everyone else,  with many of us asking the street people for tips on how to get from one day to another without heat, food, clothing.

Not a bomb would need to drop to disable an entire country.  Are we vulnerable?

Old Swimmer

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