Isn’t worshiping a ideologic symbol, like a book, or a firearm, badly missing the mark?

I have long been puzzled that humans seem to become much more attached to relics, or symbols, or talismans of their ideology than to the ideaology itself.

Here is a story today that prompted my post:  A schoolboy was suspended from school because he chewed a sandwich into the shape of a pistol.  !!  Okay, no guns in school, but really… a bit of playing with food,  some sculptural inclinations, and cleverness are grounds for being kicked out??

But this is not the part of the story that got my post-begetting reaction.  The part about the NRA reward was what astonished me.

Talk about lobbying!   The huge NRA is making a hero of a little boy because he “found” a shape of a gun in the canvas of his sandwich.
It immediately made me think of the spectacularism surrounding the image of a saint appearing in a used napkin, or on the stained side of a building.  Or a cloud.  Or a shape on the sand.

The fame and fortune to be gained by celebrating such happenstances is sometimes worldwide publicity and adulation.  Somehow the principalities and powers who feel “blessed” by these events want to make really big publicity of it all, and hopefully a bit of money– no a lot of money– and some validation of their cause, and hopefully a devoted following of more groupies to their cause.

It is not so different, is it, from the worship of religious shrines where phenomena appear, and in the name of glorifying a deity, pilgrimages are made,  fasting and praying are dedicated,  beasts are slain,  and even in some brutal cultures humans sacrificed.
For the passionate attachment of a body of people to an inanimate object that stands for some idea.

So, it looks to me as if the NRA worships guns.  They even worship a gun made of bread!  They even glorify that yeasty weapon enough to thumb their noses at a boy’s schooltime poor judgment that got him suspended, and make a hero out of this kid. It is not that the kid was exercising his second amendment rights!  He was just playing with a sandwich, and seeking to impress others at his table.  Maybe he was championing a cause his father or mother are passionate about.  But he was just a little guy playing little guy stuff.

I am embarrassed to admit that some of my fellow believers in Christ actually worship the book they take to church with them each Sunday.  It is a relic that stands for what they are members of.  But do they really think that it is a god?  It’s a paper reproduction of written material sourced from God.  It’s not The Word.  It’s the issue of The Word.  This can become an idol just as a golden calf can or a plastic statue, or a special place where a miracle occurred.

I never believed that our creator intended for us to worship the creation, whether it is the magnificent world we live in, or a kid’s lunch.  One cannot really believe it is possible to insult a book!  It is not any skin off God’s nose if you insult a book.  HE is the Source!

Do gun worshippers think it’s more important to protect guns than it is to protect lives?

We are totally missing the mark when we start thinking that the killing question is moot, but the gun question is vital.  Will we kill in order to protect guns?  I say, insult the gun!  It will make not one whit of difference to the gun.

Something very wrong here, and we are dying of it.   Men were not designed to ask inanimate objects how to glorify them.
We are asking dead things for guidance.  What kind of living person does that?  How long does he ask?  Will he kill someone for taking away his object of reverence?  Something very wrong with all of this.

Old Swimmer


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