PALEO: (sort of) Many Happy Returns – or- The Graying of America in a Poor Economy

This trip would not be possible on foot without my drastic change in diet.

NOTE: 8-11-2012   UPDATE, now settled in, and enjoying some real “bennies” within my family circle.   see 
  NOTE:  This is only slightly Paleo/Primal related, but it still belongs in this blog because I   am a grateful recuperating Senior who was helped enormously by my change to a primal style diet! Without this diet, I might be rolling into my next residence in a wheel chair!!!

            I remember when the children took their stuff and ran away from home…  maybe down a few houses to a girlfriend’s house.The girlfriend’s mother would call me and say “It’s okay, she can stay for a night or so.  She’s welcome here.”   A day later my daughter would be back, probably with her friend, and ask if SHE can stay overnight at OUR house.  As teens they traded houses for longer times– it was a good thing to learn someone else’s parents’ ways, and the independence struggle seemed mitigated some by having a home away from home.

Then they start a career.  The career often starts many many months after higher education ends and guess who is still in the old bedroom with the little ruffled dressing table and the stuffed animals?

It’s really so nice to have a place where you have a roof you can count on and good stuff in the fridge.

The so-called greying of America thing is causing some of us old people to come and go pretty much the same way.

This old MeJane lady is going back to the kids.    My move will be complete in about two week’s time.  It’s been happening over about two month’s time, since this old lady is not the kind who sits in a little chair and knits and then goes to bed.  This old lady has a painting studio and a woodshop and a self owned business, and that requires a staggering amount of STUFF that has to find a place to be.

It was a good idea for me to have THREE children.  One of them is going to put up with me in person (that’s the Paleo one, who got me started on this new diet regimen.   Another of them will allow me to use her garage for my new workshop, which is where I will do most of my carving and the larger messier paintings.   And the third child will be looking after my finances, since I am sick and tired of being so disorganized about them and so are my creditors and bankers.   This will be so wonderful.   I have needed a mother for a long time– and they learned good stuff about mothering from me.  And they also learned how to be organized, believe it or not, from me.  But now I’m going to let them take me under their wing so I can have a second childhood!

That old lady in the picture is not much like me in a lot of ways…I still dress young, whether I should or not, and I usually am dashing around with a pony tail behind and jeans and a turtleneck on, and my feet are not fat, and I wear less “sensible” looking shoes!   The other way is less obvious.  I do not decorously drag a civilized wheeled piece of luggage behind me .  I have to transport my stuff in hundreds (literally) of boxes and  tall tubes and strange shaped rigs and also bring the stands, and lights, and cabinets and easels and saws and grinders and a ton of tools with me.

Guess who has already done a lot of moving of this stuff for me?  Yup, my three kids.  Guess who is coming next weekend again with the moving truck?  Yup, the kids again.

What does all this have to do with paleo/primal?  Not much, except I am doing it standing upright, which was not what I was doing before I started the no-carb stuff.   I had been sick, and now I am feeling much better.  I can hardly wait to get back to work in my shop. And, yes, the place I’m moving to has a paleo-type kitchen!!     What a nice chance to be near my kids… and their kids.



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