PALEO: Is it Just Me, or Are Labels Getting Invisible?

Label Angst! Seniors, and even Middlers (Not Bette), are increasingly buying eyeware at the supermarket, I notice.  At least THIS Senior is.  I can never find my other ones I bought last marketing day, and I left my bifocals  on the kitchen table when I finished the shopping list. Really.. is it true, or am I just imagining that the food packing industry is skimping on ink on their labels?  Why don’t they realize that the fine print is very important to some of us? I notice that even the Pharmacy has warning labels that are in nearly invisible writing, and sometimes even hidden behind a label that pulls open, if you discover by chance that it works that way. (I won’t talk about child-proof lids at this time, even though I will mention that my three-year-old grandson was able to swiftly open one for me when I could not.) Back to labels.

Is it Me or is this Invisible?

Don’t the manufacturers of  bottled and canned foods want people to be able to read the contents and dietary scientific breakdowns on these labels?  If not, why not, I would like to know.?

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Aside:  Fellow paleo/primal enthusiasts, have you ever noticed what it says on our  current baby formula labels?  I can assure you that you will be hit in the eye with carbo-dust.  I’ll bet the ink on  the labels a is also made of soy and corn syrup –there’s plenty of those ingredients in the factory to be sure.  And so we teach our newborns to yearn for carbs from the get-go.  I suppose the babies, whose eyes are sharper than mine, are supposed to watch out for themselves, but they can’t read yet.  But sugar tastes wonderful, so the formula must be successfully feeding them, right? They certainly drink a lot of the stuff.

Ok, I want to talk next about the health drink my dear friend got for me… corn syrup.

No, I will not dwell on that…she was so apologetic when I read the label to her (with a magnifying glass I have in the kitchen.)

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There are wonderful magnifying gadgets for Seniors that can be put over the page of a book making it possible to read like we used  in the old days. They are made of a kind of optically skewed plastic sheet that can be slipped conveniently between the pages. I have a really cool idea for marketing paleo/primal foods at the supermarket. ANY Senior, even those not yet converted to Cave style living, would buy any can or jar of food if there were an attached plastic magnifying sheet on it for label-reading.  Paleo-friendly foods would fly off the shelves! HOW TO STAY OUT OF TROUBLE WITH LABEL-READING: You have to love the produce department.  You go there with a much better chance of choosing– the broccoli and the carrots and the sweet potatoes don’t vary much from vendor to vendor.  What you see is what you buy. The main label is ORGANIC.  I like that. I mean I know a good avocado by squeezing it a little, and a cabbage is a cabbage.  No small print. Moving on… I wonder how much sugar do they put in those green”protein-drink” style spirulina smoothies? Oh, please don’t tell me…I love that stuff. Oh well…  I found over-ripe bananas for 10 cents a pound today!  Some for the freezer (for smoothies), and some for Paleo Banana Bread.   YUM. MeJane


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