PALEO: Transition, Eh?


MeJane is going through a “transition”, apparently, and I understand this is a normal happening for a Paleo/Primal newbie.  I have had the initial euphoria and feel-good experience.  But my system is wanting to know how long this protein heavy diet is going to be going on, and whether we can go back to the old slaphappy diet of whatever-you-want-whenever-you-want and plenty of it.

I’m not angry or worried, really.  Just  a little out of whack.  My hands small like coconut oil and my kitchen smells like bone broth, and I have tallow on my kitchen tools. Suddenly I feel like I’m in a foreign land where I am feeling shakey about the street system.

I’m just going through an introspective, self-absorbed, curious and slightly lonely passage right now, and I am wondering whether there are a sort of “doldrums” that everyone comes on?

But I’m a grown-up and I am still smiling.  My energy is a little iffy because I am tired after a busy (for me) day, and I keep thinking I need a nap, but I have a lot of stuff in my brain’s “back room” because I’m in another sort of transition…well, several, really, if you count that I’m getting older in a sort of sprint lately.  Moving to my children’s town will help me and them with my state of flux.  I have great children and a lovely tribe of grand children of all ages and talents.

OKAY, what’s this POLL?    I thought I might simply collect people’s experiences with their Paleo diet when they were first starting off.  Everyone has some sort of transition, I am sure, and some are quite dramatic, and others less so.  Comments would be the easiest way to do this, I think.

If I can get people to share stories about their first steps down this lumpy path– was anyone’s really smooth at first??- – I can put the data together in a sort of case history style, using real or fictitious names, and with approval given, could publish here a small study of the pilgrims back to the Paleolithic lifestyle.

Things that might be interesting to write about:

How did you get on this path?
What was your chief motivation ?
What were your hesitations/ fears?
What were the reactions of family and peers?
How fast did it make a difference in your health?
What things did you misunderstand and later figure out?
How hard was it to stay true to the diet while at work or traveling?
Did you have a coach, a group, or anyone supporting you?
What in the world did your regular doctor say about it?
What was the hardest part, for you? How did you handle it?
Has it been worth it, so far?
What’s the BEST thing about living this kind of lifestyle?
Do you yearn to go back to the old days of traditional diets?

I’ll be very happy if you participate.  It might be very helpful to other newbies like me.

With thanks for your support, Paleo/primal community.




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2 responses to “PALEO: Transition, Eh?

  1. Thanks to LJ and turkishland for liking my post. I’m hoping people will leave comments that share their experiences with the change-over from using sugar-carb foods for energy to using fat-stores/protein for energy.

  2. Well, I’m going to zap this post outta here, I think. I’m thinking folks will not be tallied in this way, at least by me. Likely there are blogs and blogs on this subject that already have been there, and done that. :) The transition post disappears, that’s why. MeJane

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