PALEO: Moa Egg Omelets?

How many omelets does a Moa egg make?

Should MeJane raise Moas?

Moa Egg Omelets? 

The grocery store that owns the solitary fresh-food-for-sale place in this teeny town on the Hood Canal in western Washington is ringing up way too many eggs these days!

I’m buying them in eighteen-hole boxes!

In my new Primalism, I’ve been reaching for the eggs when my body yells “feed me.”

Not many months ago I blushed a bit when I guiltily used real eggs for my beloved omelets, In fact, until I moved away from my prior  “egg yolk is bad for you” health environment, I was a staunch Eggbeater eater, being of a certain cautious age.

 But NOW… now MeJane, the primal old newbie , can openly embrace two and even three-egg omelets with fervor and a clear conscience! Not only that, but I get to use the elegant technique I adopted from the good people who put out Cooks Illustrated. They have videos on how to make things, and darn if they didn’t one-up Julia Child on perfect omelets one day a month ago!

Shhh…they add frozen cubed butter pats…but more about that later.

Why omelets, anyway? Why not scramble? Or boil? Well, there’s that Gruyere Cheese I mentioned last month, for one thing, and there are also the yummiest leftover concoctions in my fridge like toasted veggies and sauteed asparagus. Stir fried onions and caramelized sweet potatoes. Oh, and smoked salmon!


2 or 3 eggs (from free run foul- but likely not Moas)

salt and pepper

favorite herbs and/or spices, depending on the optional additions

pure olive oil  (or other approved cooking oil) and add a bit of butter for flavor if you want.

a “pat” of butter diced up and frozen (or frozen and then diced up.)
OPTIONALS: Delicious fillers from your fridge (leftovers…you know the ones.)

NOTE:  Have a breakfast plate warming and have a paper towel handy – you’ll need it when the egg is done.

           SO !Brunch! 

I am armed with three eggs, a little dish and a whisk, a lovely cast iron or frying skillet/pan, some oil and/or butter and salt and pepper. And yes, I am going to pre-arm myself with little tiny cubes of butter diced from a single “pat”, and stuck in the freezer on the tip of the knife until needed.

Here’s what the video taught me:

Put the eggs in the little dish and beat eighty times (80). That is the scientifically proven correct amount for perfection to occur. *See addendum below for a trick I use to make counting easy.

Add some salt and pepper, to taste. Add any special spices or herbs you love. (You can release the flavor of dry ones by stirring them around while heating the butter and oil up in your cast iron pan, and then putting them into the beaten eggs.)

Okay, you have the eggs ready, and the pan has been heated evenly and turned down to low. You need to get your OPTIONALS together. How about sliced scallions? And maybe some bits of last night’s chicken fricassee? Or wild mushrooms, sauteed earlier? Or the aforementioned vegetables from the stir fry last night? Oh boy, asparagus!

Now, with the skillet safely down to low, you slide your eggs in and let them spread over the bottom of the pan, tilting the pan to let gravity help you. (don’t make more than a three-egg omelet at a time… it’s not going to handle well unless you have an enormous, moa-sized skillet around, and are the size of Goliath to handle that puppy.)

You will take your wooden spoon or silicone spatula and just keep gently agitating the egg in the not-too-hot pan, keeping it from burning at all– letting the jiggly parts get slowly solid. When you are almost there, you put in your yummy additions, whatever they are, and then you take those little chips of butter from the freezer and drop them one by one onto the top of everything, sprinkling them evenly.

Now, your omelet is ready for…(YIKES—the DRAMA.)…not flipping nonchalantly, let’s hope, a la Julia Child… NO, thank goodness!

Here’s what you do.

You put a paper towel on the warmed breakfast plate. You take your omelet pan and slide that beautiful tender mass right, flat, onto the paper towel! Then you will be lifting one end of the paper towel and rollling the lovely disc of yummies up, jellyroll style, pulling the towel upward from one end, just letting it roll all the way up until it rolls right onto the plate. Perfectly gorgeous and un-touched by human hands! I cannot explain the joy of pulling that off! (I have stories of Other Omelets that came out very very poorly at the plate-delivery moment.)

Serve with a flourish! (and maybe a garnish of fruit or parsley.)

PS,: if you have some fruit you were planning on eating some time today, you can make an omelet filling of that… change your seasoning to include ginger/cloves/cinnamon/nutmeg sorts of things and not the savories, and just put those blueberries or strawberries, applesauce, or even chopped dates or prunes into the works. It’s like breakfast at Tiffany’s! A gem.

Let me know how you like it! I’m going to go make some now…can’t wait for tomorrow morning.

About those moas, I think one of them should be enough if it’s a good layer. Betcha just one of those eggs would make a ton of omelets! I wonder how you catch those Moas once they are past laying eggs? And THEN what does one do to get them into a roasting pan?

Me Jane

*Addendum :  For counting without worrying about losing count,  I beat out a rhythm of 8, like “DAH da da da DAH da da da”, ten times!  AND, I count by pressing each toe down for an eight count until I’ve used up all my toes!  Well, MeJane is sort of an eccentric, but you might like it if you try it!  :)


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