Violet Serpent

I’m wondering whether the advent of Paleo eating came before or after the Fall, and whether we were all vegans until we got kicked out of the Garden of Eden?

Sorry if I am offending athiests here… I think that God is big enough to handle all of us who like Paleo, even those who think plants and animals came from a coincidence or accident!

I hope people will find the little drawings fun.  I love making them.

Old Swimmer, AKA “MeJane” 

MeJane getting primal

Obviously the big project this May 2012 is a move toward Paleo eating.  Paleo/primal will be a big catagory, and you can jump to it if I put PALEO in the header menu.

Click on PALEO each time you visit if you want to cut to the chase.

I have been cheerfully admitted into the blogroll of, I am happy to say.  It’s a good site for people looking to get their machine rolling more smoothly, as I have been seeing so far.  Stay tuned and see what paleo/primal eating does for this old swimmer!


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One response to “PALEO! I’M TAGGING IT!

  1. Thanks, Cathy, for “liking” my blog. I can see you and I have plenty in common. Stick around and let’s see where Paleo will take me, and others. MeJane

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