“wwwp5k” invites me to the 5K—and I’m…

Old Swimmer not believing a 5K request

Old Swimmer prone regarding an invitation to run the 5K

(not paleo related)

NOTE: This post was written before my daughter assailed me with Paleo propoganda… you can see I was not such a peppy person!


Here I am looking at my feet from a prone position in my bed with the lovely April sunshine beckoning me to run/walk a 5K in solidarity with WordPress.

I wish!

Another appointment today to find out what in the world is keeping me prone most of the day and making my good muscle tone into wet spaghetti, and how I would like to do the recommended build-up exercises in prep for a 5K run/walk/crawl.

Well, this year I have to regret… but maybe next year.   I hope at least a mention of “wwwp5k” will get my blog freshly pressed (I wondered what you have to do to get into those things), and I hope people will look up oldswimmer.wordpress.com and find my soliloquies and rants in several active blogs I am writing to regularly.  Hey, I could swim 5K in small increments in the bathtub, come to think of it!

Old Swimmer


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