The Fall of Facebook?

I got off Facebook about four months ago because I was just unhappy with a lot of things about this social network that I joined just to keep in the loop with my family. I miss the daily interactions on the fly very much, but my day has a lot more hours in it and the accumulated minutes “following” people I don’t really know were, indeed, an investment I could do without.

It’s entertainment, really, and general snoopiness! Someone opened the lid of the candy bin and everyone is addicted, I think.

Now I read that Facebook has apparently shot itself in the foot! See this link for the article.

Isn’t it odd the way explosive growth and success can make giants tumble?  When success starts to become its own taskmaster and the instigators become addicted to dramatic growth — that’s when it seems the trouble comes.  The fast horse is flayed into an injured state and stops being a healthy horse.  This is the beginning of a fall.



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